GUESTS * Stadtlichter internationale Lichtenberger Filmnacht * Dezember 2017

Stadtlichter – City Lights – is a new culture and film festival based in Berlin and dedicated to the tradition of its twin cities, which represent the growing together of the interconnected cities in a globalised community. Stadtlichter focuses in this issue on Lichtenberg, a Berlin district going through major changes. The festival aims to promote intercultural exchange and fight cultural prejudice. At present, Lichtenberg has seven twin cities.


on screen:
Woman.Life.Story a project of Kiezkieken Festivalteam,
5’, Deutschland, 2017

The rap of Lithuanian history
Aistė Papartytė, Andrius Alčiauskas, Lukas Šidlauskas / Musik: Šventinis bankuchenas, 6′, Litauen, 2016

Alexander Gratzer, 6’, Österreich, 2016

Too Good for Hollywood
Rimantas Oičenka, 26′, Litauen, 2017

Red Paper Ship / Czerwony papierowy stateczek / Das kleine rote Papierboot
Aleksandra Zaręba, 13‘, Deutschland / Polen, 2013

Evil Deeds / Złe uczynki / Schlechte Taten
Piotr Domalewski, 24’, Polen, 2016

In the living room / Im Wohnzimmer
Alexander Gratzer, 3’, Österreich, 2015


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